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Calibration of Roughness Parameters

Working Group 5.15


  • Calibration of roughness standards and depth-setting standards optically and by means of the profile method
  • Development and maintenance of reference software for roughness metrology (standard of type F2 in accordance with ISO 5436-2)

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Opens external link in new windowReferenz-Software and software standards for the determination of 2D roughness parameters and groove depths from profile measurements; checking of measurement data assessment. Further developing the software will enable 3D parameters to be determined and areal grooves to be assessed.

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Our working group offers calibrations for roughness standards in the range from Rz ≥ 0.150 µm to Rz ≤ 50 µm.
In addition, groove standards and depth-setting standards from 0.005 µm to 100 µm can be calibrated.

For other standards, please contact us.

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The properties of a surface are characterized by a multitude of parameters, the majority of which are defined in the standards for surface metrology. Our working group's task consists in calibrating these parameters for measurement standards used for the calibration of surface measuring devices.
The aim of this working group is to achieve a better comparability of the measurement results obtained when calculating surface parameters.

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