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3D Roughness Metrology

Working Group 5.14

Development of calibration standards

Geometrical standards
  • Calibration of the vertical and horizontal measurement system of contact stylus instruments
  • Manufactured by single diamond turning
  • Pure sinusoidal profile (type C nach ISO 5436-1)
  • DLC-(„Diamond like Carbon“) covering for increased resistance to wear and reduction of friction
  • Layout of proven „Halle“-roughness calibration standards
  • Useable width of profile about 5 mm
  • 3 different types with the following nominal values:
typeuse for cutoff in mmamplitude Pt in µmperiod in µmpeakcount PC per cmprofile length acc. ISO 4288 in mmrealised length of profile in mm
  • Testing of the transfer behaviour of surface measuring instruments by a set of different spatial wavelengths
  • Wavelengths from 10 µm to 91 µm
  • Wavelength change steps of about 10%
  • 24 wavelentgh values (according to „E-24-series“)
  • constant amplitude (Pt) of 1 µm
  • At wavelength 10 µm:
    smallest curvature about 5 µm
    maximum slope about 0.3 rad
  • At wavelength 91 µm:
    biggest curvature about 300 µm
    smallest slope ca. 0.04 rad
Figure 1: section of Chirp-standard