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3D Roughness Metrology

Working Group 5.14


The aim of Working Group 5.14 is to develop the measuring facilities, measuring procedures and calibration standards used in the field of surface roughness, and to improve them. By participating in specialist bodies and by rendering consultancy services, our Working Group remains in contact with all the issues and problems arising in industry.

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  • Development of new measuring facilities and measuring procedures for areal roughness metrology, and improvement of existing ones
  • Development of roughness standards for the characterization of tactile and optical procedures as well as scanning probe microscopes
  • Determination of characteristic data by means of microscopes operating interferentially and confocally
  • Implementation of standards for areal roughness metrology
  • Investigation of the electronic structure at surfaces by means of the Kelvin probe AFM

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Optical calibrations of step-height and depth-setting standards are offered in combination with Opens internal link in current windowprofile measurements only. Areal measurements with optical microscopes have not been internationally standardized so far (ISO 25178-60x and -70x). Therefore, measurements taken on samples are possible to a limited extent only and only if this has been agreed.
Within the scope of areal roughness metrology, procedures and samples were tested in cooperation with partners. These procedures and samples may be used as standards to verify the suitability of optical microscopes for areal roughness metrology. Currently, a European round robin is being carried out which is intended to document the comparability of optical, areal roughness measurements.
Something similar applies to scanning force microscopy measuring over a certain area.

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State of the art of standard EN ISO 16610 for ISO 25178 series

Geometrical product specification GPSI filtering

PartDesignationState of the artYear
1Overview and fundamental conceptsStandard2015-11
20Linear profile filters:
Fundamental concepts
21Linear profile filters:
Gaussian filters
22Linear profile filters: Spline filtersStandard new2016-04
28Profile filters: End effects Draft standard2015-09
29Linear profile filters: Spline waveletsStandard new2016-04
31Robust profile filters
Gaussian regression filters
Draft standard  2016-09
40Morphological profile filters: Fundamental conceptsDraft standard  2012-10
41Morphological profile filters with circular disk and horizontal optical distanceStandard2015-12
49Morphological profile filters:
Space-scale methods
60Linear areal filters – fundamental conceptsStandard new2016-03
61Linear areal filters – Gaussian filtersStandard new2016-04
71Robust areal filters:
Gaussian regression filters
85Morphological areal filtering: SegmentingStandard2013-05

Surface texture: Areal

PartDesignationState of the artYear
1Entering surface textureStandard2016-04
2Terms and surface characteristicsStandard2012-04
3Specification operatorsStandard2012-07
6Classification of methods for the measurement of the surface textureStandard2010-01
70Material measuresStandard2014-02
71Software standardsDraft standard2015-06
72XML file formatDraft standard2015-10
601Characteristics of contact measuring instruments (with a stylus)Standard2011-01
602Characteristics of contact-free measuring instruments (with a chronically confocal probe)Standard2011-01
603Characteristics of contact-free measuring instruments (phase-shifting interferometric microscopy)Standard2014-02
604Characteristics of contact-free measuring instruments (white-light interferometry) German version ENDraft standard2013-02
605Nominal characteristics of non-contact (point autofocus probe) instruments German version ENDIN EN ISO 25178-6052014-06
606Characteristics of contact-free measuring instruments (focus variation) German version prENDraft standard2013-02
701Calibration and standards for contact (stylus) measuring instruments German versionStandard2011-01


Geometrical product specification

ISO 1302, ISO 3274, ISO 4287

PartDesingnationState of the artYear
ISO 1302Indication of surface texture in technical product documentation    Standard2002-02
ISO 3274Surface texture:
Profile method – Nominal characteristics of contact (stylus) instruments 
ISO 3274Technical corrigendum 1
Surface texture:
Profile method nominal properties of profilometers; correction 1
ISO 4287    Surface texture:
Profile method
terms, definition and surface texture parameters
ISO 4287AMD 1Surface texture:
Profile method
Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters; Amendment 1: Peak count number
ISO 4287Technical corrigendum 1
Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS)
Surface texture: Profile method
Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters; Correction 1

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