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Layer Thickness and Crystalline Standards

Working Group 5.13


Working group 5.13 focuses on the traceable measurement of layer thicknesses from a few nanometers up to the micrometer range, and on supplying corresponding measurement standards and calibration services. For this purpose, a number of certified measurement standards are supplied and developed.

As well, depth setting standards in the depth range from 0.75 µm up to 5000 µm can be calibrated with tactile measuring methods. In addition, precision-turned groove standards can be obtained from the working group.

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Developing new step height standards and lateral standards based on the self-organizing properties of crystalline materials serves as a preparation for the manufacturing and characterizing of step heights which do not currently exist for the sub-nanometer range and for lateral standards in the range from 5 nm to 50 nm in order to establish them as certified standards. These activities are furthered within the scope of a European joint project (JRP SIB 61 – Crystalline surfaces, self assembled structures, and nano-origami as length standards in (nano)metrology) and realized together with partners from different European national institutes and from industry.

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For the development of nanotechnologies, it is necessary that reliable measuring technologies and traceable standards be available. In this context, length measurement in the nanometer and micrometer ranges is of crucial importance.

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