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Hardness and Tactile Probing Methods

Working Group 5.11

Standards and Guidelines

DIN Standard committee 027-03-03 AA "Workshop Facilities for Microsystems"

In this committee (chairman: Dr. U. Gengenbach) standards for workshop facilities for the production of microsystems are developed.
The standards project "Metrology and Quality Assurance in MST" is concerned with

  • Determination of material influence on measurement uncertainty in the optical and tactile dimensional metrology. Opens external link in new windowDIN 32456 was worked out. Part 2 and 3 concerns with tactile measurememt of the thickness of soft layers on hard substrates. Part 4 and 5 treats opticcal measurements of tranparent layers.



More cooperations at standards and guidelines

  • completion of DIN 32567 „Determination of the influence of materials on the optical and tactile dimensional metrology“
  • revision of DIN EN ISO 6506 hardness testing according to Brinell
  • revision of DIN EN ISO 6507 hardness testing according to Vickers
  • revision of DIN EN ISO 6508 hardness testing according to Rockwell
  • revision of DIN EN ISO 4545 hardness testing according to Knoop
  • revision of DIN EN ISO 14577 Instrumented indentation for hardness and material parameters
  • revision of DIN EN ISO 18265 Conversion of hardness values
  • revision of DIN ISO 48 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of hardness
  • revision of DIN ISO 18898 Rubber - Calibration and verification of hardness testers
  • preparation of VDI 2616 Hardness testing of metallic materials