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Hardness Metrology

Working Group 5.12


Working Group 5.12, Hardness Metrology, provides the standard measurement devices required for macro hardness measurements (Rockwell, Vickers, …) that ensure traceability of hardness reference blocks. To this end, the tasks of this Working Group are as follows:

  • Ensuring traceability of different macro hardness scales
  • Improvement of measurement and calibration devices
  • Calibration of hardness  reference blocks
  • Organization of, and participation in, international comparisons in the field of hardness measurement
  • Evaluation of DAkkS-accredited laboratories for the measurand of hardness
  • Collaboration in national and international committees (VDI, DKD-WPM, DIN, ISO SC3, IMEKO-TC5 Measurement of Hardness, CCM WGH Hardness)




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Further development of standard measurement devices and measurement procedures for hardness forms the basis for the traceability of hardness measurements in industry, research and calibration laboratories to the national standards. For example, within the scope of the last update of the Rockwell standard measurement device, it was possible to distinctly rationalize the procedure through derivation of the final value as early as the first impact (see Short Report: Opens external link in new windowAutomation of the national standard instrument for Rockwell hardness calibration (available in German only)

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The Working Group calibrates hardness  reference blocks for the national DAkkS-accredited laboratories in Germany and for accredited laboratories and metrology institutes in other countries. These services are listed in our survey  Opens external link in new windowMeasurement and calibration capabilities of Division 5 (available in German only) and encompass:

  • hardness  reference blocks for the different hardness scales
  • Indenter for hardness measurements

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For a deeper insight into hardness measurement techniques and this Working Group, see  Opens internal link in current window here.

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