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Characterization of the angular-dependent emission of nitrogen-vacancy centers in nanodiamond


We report on the characterization of the angular-dependent emission of single-photon emitters based on single nitrogen-vacancy (NV-) centers in nanodiamond at room temperature. A theoretical model for the calculation of the angular emission patterns of such an NV-center at a dielectric interface will be presented. For the first time, the orientation of the NV-centers in nanodiamond was determined from back focal plane images of NV-centers and by comparison of the theoretical and experimental angular emission pattern. Furthermore, the orientation of the NV-centers was also obtained from measurements of the fluorescence intensity in dependence on the polarization angle of the linearly polarized excitation laser. The results of these measurements are in good agreement. Moreover, the collection efficiency in this setup was calculated to be higher than 80 % using the model of the angular emission of the NV-centers.


Justus Christinck; Beatrice Rodiek; Marco López; Helmuth Hofer; Hristina Georgieva; Stefan Kück