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Spectrally-resolved temperature dependencies of an AERONET sun photometer


For observation of aerosol properties, such as the essential climate variable aerosol optical depth (AOD), several measurement networks, such as AERONET, GAW-PFR and SKYNET, are established. The temperature coefficients of sun photometers from AERONET (AErosol Robotic NETwork) network are required to correct for varying ambient temperatures within the framework of the EMPIR project 19ENV04 MAPP “Metrology for aerosol optical properties”. Spectrally resolved measurement of the temperature dependency of the photometers were performed and are presented in this paper.

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Kerstin M. Schwind, Philipp Schneider, Saulius Nevas, Spectrally-resolved temperature dependencies of an AERONET sun photometer, AIP Conf. Proc. 2988, 060016 (2024), doi.org/10.1063/5.0184613

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Kerstin Schwind, Email: Opens local program for sending emailkerstin.schwind(at)ptb.de, Phone: +49 531 592-4114