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Panoramic view of the clock hall at PTB with the four caesium clocks CS1, CS2, CSF1 and CSF2.

Is the PTB time also available on the smartphone?

In response to the perpetual popularity of services in the World Wide Web (WWW), PTB created a new service to distribute legal time via the WWW. The combined time distribution and representation of PTB's time is based on different web technologies. The server on which the clock application is running is part of the IT infrastructure which is distributed on the PTB campus and is supplied with the legal time or UTC(PTB) via various procedures. At the PTB homepage, the PTB clock is completely programmed in pure Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The clock can be called up in encrypted form using Transport Layer Security (TLS) (https://uhr.ptb.de). A link is provided just above the one that leads to the questions on time. A detailed description of the service is provided here (in German only).