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Imaging and Wave Optics

Department 4.2


There are three main centers of activity of the Department:

Form and wavefront metrology
Measurement of the form of optical surfaces and of optical wavefronts with uncertainties in the nanometre and sub-nanometre range. In addition, specific measurement tasks are performed to characterize optical components and materials, amongst others polarimetry and refractometry.

Optical nanometrology
Measurement of the size of surface structures in the µm and sub-µm range with optical methods. Imaging (microscopy) and nonimaging (scatterometry, ellipsometry) techniques with wavelengths from the visible to the deep ultraviolet spectral range are used.
An additional task is the Opens internal link in current windowsize measurement of nanoparticles using scanning electron microscopy which is performed together with the Department 5.2 Dimensional Nanometrology.

For a consortium of national metrology institutes, the Department is in charge of an international project dealing with the redefinition of the Avogadro constant on the basis of highly enriched silicon-28. Within the scope of this project, the Department has taken on the particular subproject "Precise determination of the 28Si lattice parameter". Transfer of the developed technologies to applications in industry and society is also a part of the Department's tasks.

In all fields of activity, basic research is carried out, new measuring methods are developed, research projects in co-operation with industry are realized and calibration services are offered.

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