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Title: Determination of the Minimum Igntion Energy on the Basis of a Statistical Approach
Author(s): A. Wähner, G. Gramse, T. Langer and M. Beyer
Year: 2012
Event name: International Symposium of Hazard, Prevention and Mitigation of Industrial Explosions
Event date: 22.07.-27.07.2012
Abstract: Based on existing MIE test results, a statistical analysis for the MIE of hydrogen, ethene and propane is made by means of the logistic regression. The conditions necessary to carry out such an approach are discussed. It is shown that MIE values which are connected with a certain ignition probability could be determined adequately and lead to a more sophisticated result, also with regard to measurement uncertainties. This, in turn, leads to a better comparability and a higher informative content. At the same time, the MIEs of hydrogen, ethene and propane are reviewed. In doing so, a useful contribution to the discussion concerning the MIE of propane is made.

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