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Physical Ignition Processes

Working Group 3.73


Working group 3.73 is concerned with all established types of ignition sources being able to ignite an explosive atmosphere. This applies particularly to the following types of ignition sources:

  • Hot surfaces
  • Elektrostatic discharge
  • Mechanical sparks due to impact and friction
  • Optical radiation
  • Ultrasinic energy
  Optical radiation as an ignition source in hazardous areas:
Optical ignition of an explosion in a test vessel
(for enlargement please click on the image, 28 kB)

In addition to basic research on these fields, the examination of products intended for the application in hazardous areas is an important field of activity. These examinations are based on Directive 2014/34/EU.

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The working group carries out doctoral research studies to all topics mentioned above and offers collegiate work and practical trainings in co-operation with universities. Mere augmentation of knowledge is not the goal of this research and development work. The focus is rather put on understanding the ignition sources and ignition processes to be able to conduct an optimum application-oriented development in close collaboration with industrial partners and to implement the results in the national, European and international rules and standards.

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The working group is responsible for:

  • Electrostatic spray equipment of equipment group 2

    Ignition test of an electrostatic spray apparatus for surface coating

  • Mechanical devices, safety and monitoring devices as well as composite equipment (assemblies) of equipment category 1
  • Further services are:

  • Advisory service and drafting of assessments in the field of explosion protection
  • Examination and assessment of ignition risks by physical ignition sources
  • Accident analysis
  • Measurement of:

    • Electrical surface and discharge resistance
    • Charge transfer in electrostatic discharges
    • Surface temperatures

    Investigation of the inflammability of powder coating material in the Hartmann-gadget (for enlargement please click on the image, 87 kB)


Theoretical and experimental investigations, work in research and development and co-operation in
national and international expert committees form the basis for these services.

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