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Explosion Processes Under Non-Atmospheric Conditions

Working Group 3.72


The working group is doing research on the processes leading to turbulent flame propagation and deflagration-detonation-transition in pipes. The results are of some influence on the safe design of facilities and their protection by flame arresters.

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Most of the chemicotechnical processes are performed at pressures and temperatures beyond the ambient range. For this reason the working group focusses on the characterisation of explosion processes at non-atmospheric conditions. The conclusions help to assess the construction and efficiency of flame arresters when the standard testing protocols are modified with regard to pressure, temperature or oxidiser.

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Sign Explosion Protection
Sign Explosion Protection

Plant Safety Testing

Our referees examine plant safety with regard to explosion protection. Following the wishes of authorities or regulatory supervisors expert assessments can be done on facilities of a certain safety-related meaning or when new technologies come into play, such as storage and handling of flammable liquids, recovery of their vapours and technical post-combustion. PTB is notified body with regard to EU directive 94/9/EG (2014/34/EU) and performs EU-type examination tests and EU-unit certification. Beyond that, PTB can help with information on safe tank technique and the transport of dangerous goods. 

Sign hazardous location

Expert Advice on Ex-Zone Classification

During the assessment of explosion risks the question on how an explosive mixture develops and spreads is of major importance. If release of flammable hazardous substances from equipment or a plant can occur, delimit hazard areas must be predetermined in which explosion protection measures are required. Areas in which a dangerous explosive atmosphere may occur are to be disclosed as a hazardous area. These areas are classified in zones with regard to the probability of temporal occurance of explosive atmosphere. Based on this zone determination suitable manufacturing equipment can be chosen. The working group is giving expert advice, while the official jurisdiction lies in the hands of the trade control of the federal states.

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