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Fundamentals of Explosion Protection

Department 3.7


In Germany, the EU and many other countries, it is required by law to take measures to prevent explosion hazards:

  1. Dangerous quantities or concentrations of substances which could lead to the risk of fire or explosion shall be avoided.
  2. Ignition sources or conditions which may cause fires or explosions shall be avoided.
  3. Harmful effects of fires or explosions on the health and safety of humans shall be reduced as much as possible.

The task of the department and its working groups is to establish fundamentals for all three measures, to develop them further, to preserve existing knowledge and to make them usable for the society.

New technologies, e.g. in chemical processes or in the equipment technology, are initially associated with indefinite hazards regarding the risk of explosion and fire. To clarify this and to suggest possible solutions, research and development projects are carried out with partners from industry, universities or the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions. The scientific and safety-related findings are generally published and transmitted in appropriate form to the national, European or international regulatory bodies. The department is represented by its employees in all important committees to advise on a correct and system-appropriate implementation into the practice.

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