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Loss comparison of non-oriented electrical steel materials to be used in PMSM under explosion protection aspects

Author(s): N. Yogal, C. Lehrmann, B. Shen and M. Henke
Journal: Power Electronics and Applications
Year: 2015
Month: October
Day: 29
Volume: 17
Publisher: IEEE
Event name: 17th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'15 ECCE-Europe)
Event date: 08.-10.09.2015
DOI: 10.1109/EPE.2015.7311715
ISBN: 978-9-0758-1522-1
Abstract: The use and demand of the permanent magnetic synchronous machine (PMSM) is increasing in
hazardous areas due to many advantages in the field of energy efficiency and easy controllability. The safe operation of the PMSM in potentially explosive atmospheric environments requires better
understanding of non-oriented electrical steel sheet used for manufacturing in the rotor and stator yoke of the machine. This paper presents the comparison of non-oriented electrical steel of the same
thickness but from a different manufacturing company.

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