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Eine Übersicht über die bisherigen, im Volltext verfügbaren, Veröffentlichungen der Arbeitsgruppe Explosionsgeschützte elektrische Antriebssysteme:

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Efficiency determination on (explosion-protected) electric machines – a survey under measurement uncertainty aspects.

Author(s): C. Lehrmann, U. Dreger and F. Lienesch
Journal: ant Journal
Year: 2015
Month: May
Issue: 1
Pages: 30 - 35
Publisher: Vereinigte Fachverlage
Publisher address: Mainz
File URL: file:71576
Web URL: http://www.vereinigte-fachverlage.info/zeitschrift-antriebstechnik-maschinenbau-konstruktion.html
Abstract: Due to increasing energy prices, increasingly scarce resources and EU requirements for energyoperated products which require for the future power-related minimum efficiencies for induction machines which are marketed within the EU, ever increasing importance is attached to the efficiency determination on electric machines. In this article, different procedures for determination of the machine efficiency are compared and their properties are assessed. An important aspect also is the Evaluation of the measurement uncertainty of the final result "efficiency" as a function of the procedure used for its determination.

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