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Explosion-protected electrical Drive Systems

Working Group 3.63


The tasks of working group “Explosion Protected Electrical Drive Systems“ comprise testing and assessment of electrical drives and complete drive systems as well as protection equipment required for safe operation of explosion protected electrical machines (ATEX and IECEx) including research relating to this range of topics.
Here, another aspect is the thermal evaluation of enclosures with built-in components such as control units used in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Another important focus is put on new research topics concerning all aspects of electrical drive technology performed in cooperation with universities and companies.
Furthermore, technical guidance for users of explosion protected drives is another element in the range of tasks of this working group. For detailled information concerning our range of tasks please refer to the respective websites.

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Aktuelle Forschungsvorhaben

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Current publications

(Herausgeber: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Bundesallee 100 38116 Braunschweig, Germany Dr. Michael Beyer Dr. Arnas Lucassen 3.7 | Fundamentals of Explosion Protection)
N. Yogal, C. Lehrmann and M. Henke
December 2019
International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)
C. Lehrmann and N. Yogal
N. Yogal, C. Lehrmann and M. Henke
June 2019
The Journal of Engineering
M. Sattler, C. Lehrmann, N. Yogal, M. Schöberle, S. Hoffmann, T. Bleif, M. Schmidt and E. Kroon
December 2018
of PTB-Bericht
Document number: 306
Text / Conference Proceedings
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Publisher: Fachverlag nw, Bremen
ISBN: 978-3-95606-444-9
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