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Electrical Discharges

Working Group 3.62


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An essential disadvantage of Intrinsic Safety type of protection is the low consumption of effective power of mostly less than 2 W. PTB-basic research showed that – with utilization of specific physical ignition effects – a significant increase of power, up to approx. 50 W, is possible.Working group 3.62 focusses on the industrial implementation of these problems and the integration in the international standardization (EN and IEC).



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  • Innovative high power supply systems: DART, Power-i
    (Joint venture project with industrial partners) M. Hilbert

  • Explosion protection of fuel cell systems
    T. Horn

  • Temperature monitoring of electronic equipment: Coating with Carbon-Nanotubes
    (Research and development project with ecom instruments GmbH, Assamstadt as well as Fraunhofer-Institut Stuttgart) F. Bußmann

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