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Intrinsic Safety

Working Group 3.61


The working group “Intrinsic Safety“ assesses explosion protection concepts of equipment used in the field of instrumentation and process control engineering. The scope of equipment ranges from sensors and actuators up to complex remote I/O-systems.
Acceptance of conformity assessments is ensured by cooperation and internetworking with international certification bodies. Technical experts of the working group are contact persons for questions in the field of explosion protection for industry, politics and society. The participation in national and international standardization, the performance of workshops and  
techical papers in seminars contribute to a continuous exchange of experience among  experts.
In the course of the “PTB Ex-Proficiency Testing Scheme“ (qualification test of test laboratories in the IECEx-system) the working group develops respective programs for Intrinsic Safety type of protection.

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The working group provides conformity assessments according to Directive 2014/34/EU and IECEx-system for types of protection Intrinsic Safety “i“, Pressurized Enclosures “p“, Encapsulation “m, Powder Filling “m“, as well as Increased Safety “e“ type of protection for luminaires. It is also possible to test and certify equipment with potential ignition sources caused by optical radiation.

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