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International Harmonization in Explosion Protection

Working Group 3.54



The core task of Working Group 3.54 is developing, implementing and analyzing interlaboratory comparisons in the field of explosion protection. Participating in interlaboratory comparisons enables the testing laboratories of the "Ex Community" to meet the requirements of standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, thereby proving their competence. Beyond that, these interlaboratory comparisons promote international cooperation. Moreover, Working Group 3.54 hosts the office of Ex-Network e.V., an organization that seeks to interconnect all associations, organizations and scientific research institutions in order to coordinate and initiate the multiple tasks and activities in the field of explosion protection. This will provide subject matter experts with better access to the knowledge available as a result of networking which will, in turn, enable more efficient use of this knowledge.

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Within the scope of these interlaboratory comparisons, Working Group 3.54 develops procedures for international comparison measurements used for the proficiency testing of explosion-protected devices. Working Group 3.54 also develops statistical methods specifically designed to assess the results. If weaknesses are revealed, the measurement and testing methods are further developed with special attention to higher precision and facilitated sharing with other laboratories. More profound issues – such as the fundamental suitability of certain measurement and testing methods (e.g. explosion pressure measurement as a basis for assessing the safety of flameproof enclosures) – are scientifically studied within the scope of research activities.

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Since participation in interlaboratory comparison programs became mandatory for all accepted and applicant Ex-testing laboratories of IECEx (IECEx decision of September 2015), Working Group 3.54 has acted as the provider of an overarching "Proficiency Testing Scheme" according to ISO/IEC 17043 for the IECEx System (International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres).



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