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Analyse und Simulation im Explosionsschutz

Arbeitsgruppe 3.51


Welcome to the "Analysis and Simulation in Explosion Protection" group!

Our research advances process safety, focusing on ignitions, electrostatic charging of flows, dust explosions, and large-scale plant explosions. Being funded by the ERC project PowFEct, we excel in experiments and simulations related to flow charging. Our experimental research facilities include a pneumatic conveying and a single particle charging test rig. Using these laboratories, we develop the MefiX measurement technology and new numerical models.

For simulations, we use OpenFoam and develop pafiX, an open-source multiphysics tool for powder flow safety. Besides powder flows, we are interested in simulating turbulent mixing in jet-stirred reactors, ignition and combustion, and virus spreading. Further, we apply machine learning to enhance our models and measurement technology.

For more information on our research, technology, or if you want to work with us, please check the links to the right or contact us. We regularly welcome guest researchers to our group.

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