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Breath alcohol

Evidential breath analyzers, which are used in traffic control to determine the breath alcohol concentration on an evidential level, are subject to the Measures and Verification Act (MessEG) in conjunction with the Measures and Verification Ordinance (MessEV).


For evidential breath analyzers, type examination certificates in accordance with Module B of the MessEV are issued on behalf of the customer.

Furthermore, metrological traceability to the highest standard for breath alcohol is established for test gas generators (calibration standards) which are used by the verification authorities.

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Research and Development

International and national regulatory documents

  • OIML R 126 (Edition 2012): Evidential breath analyzers
  • DIN VDE 0405-1: 2017-01 Determination of the breath alcohol concentration – Part 1: Specification of evidential breath analyzers
  • DIN VDE 0405-4: (Entwurf 2019-07): Determination of the breath alcohol concentration – Part 4: Requirements for facilities to test evidential breath analyzers by using test gas
  • WELMEC 7.2 (2015) Software Guide (European Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU)


  • OIML TC 17/SC 7 breath testers; secretariat together with LNE (France); in the current project OIML TC 17/SC 7 /p 3 "Revision of R126: Evidential breath analyzers" – convenorship and secretariat together with LNE (France).
  • DKE/UK 966.2 "Atemalkohol-Messung"; voting member
  • CENELEC: BTTF 116-2 Alcohol Interlocks (EN 50436-1, prEN 50436-2), voting member


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