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Legal Metrology

Type Examinations of Pressure Gauges

Working group 9.21 "Legal Metrology" is in charge of fundamental questions. Any information you may require is provided on the homepage of Section Q.31.

According to the Measures and Verification Act (MessEG) and the Measures and Verification Ordinance (MessEV), pressure gauges are subject to the requirements of this Act and of this Ordinance unless certain scopes of application have been excluded in the MessEV or by the "Rule Determination Committee" (Regelermittlungsausschuss – REA).

The conformity of the pressure gauges with the general requirements given in Annex 2 of the Measures and Verification Act (MessEV) is confirmed by the manufacturer by applying various possibilities (confirmation by notified bodies via conformity modules). 

For all types of tire-pressure gauges, type-examination certificates (Module B) are issued by the Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) of PTB, Sector 4, "Pressure Gauges" (taking into account the provisions of the Rule Determination Committee) as soon as a respective order has been placed.

The necessary metrological examinations on types are carried out in Working Group 3.33 "Pressure". The German standard DIN EN 12645 (edition of February 2015) forms the basis of the metrological and technical requirements.

For all other pressure gauges (e.g. pressure gauges for absolute pressure, for excess pressure and for differential pressure whose use or application is subject to the Measures and Verification Act (MessEG)), type-examination certificates must also be issued by PTB's Conformity Assessment Body, Sector 4, "Pressure Gauges".

All orders can, however, also be sent to the contact address given below, as the metrological and technical examinations are generally carried out by Working Group 3.33 "Pressure".

For the required evaluations and certifications, the applications/orders will be passed on to PTB's Conformity Assessment Body.

Orders for Module D must be sent directly to PTB's Conformity Assessment Body.

Gas volume correctors which contain, for example, absolute pressure transducers are processed by Working Group 1.42 "Gas Meters" on behalf of PTB's Conformity Assessment Body.

The general type approval of measuring instruments (so far: instruments that have been constructed according to EN 837-1 to EN 837-3) no longer exists.

These instruments can be placed on the market via Module F1 or Module D1 (see Measuring and Verification Act (MessEG) and provisions of the Rule Determination Committee). For the processing of Module F1, the Conformity Assessment Bodies at the verification authorities are responsible. For Module D1, however, PTB's Conformity Assessment Body is responsible.

Further decisions on pressure gauges and on the MessEG and MessEV can be obtained here.

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