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Properties of Liquids

Working Group 3.32

Type examination according to module B of oscillation-type densimeters

The conformity assessment body (sector 4) is responsible for fundamental questions concerning conformity assessments of domestically regulated measuring instruments.


Oscillation-type densimeters for liquids require a conformity assessment for domestic verification. The type examination according to Module B required for this purpose can be carried out in PTB's Working Group 3.32.

The basis for the examination are the "Opens external link in new windowErmittelte Regeln und Erkenntnisse des Regelermittlungsausschusses nach § 46 des Mess- und Eichgesetzes" (as of November 15, 2021, page 1 and from page 144 ff). The test program with regard to measurement accuracy is based on the PTB requirements Opens external link in new windowPTB-A13.6 and the DIN 15212 standard.

For your application for conformity assessment (Module B), please use the Opens external link in new windowapplication form. We recommend that you arrange a consultation with us before submitting your application.

The software check is part of the conformity assessment procedure. The check takes place on the basis of Opens external link in new windowWELMEC Guide 7.2. Software tests are carried out by the PTB Opens external link in new windowworking group 8.51 and are arranged by us. More information about the documentation of the software can be found Opens external link in new windowhere.



The full costs for a type examination is generally difficult to estimate in advance. It is charged in accordance with Opens external link in new windowBesonderen Gebührenverordnung of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt [PTBBGebV] and calculated according to the amount of work required for the examination, the preparation of the documents and the documentation of the approval.

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