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Density calibration liquids

Oscillation-type densimeters must be adjusted due to their operating principle; this is usually done with air and ultrapure water. The traceability to national density standards is done by additionally calibrating the measuring instruments with density calibration liquids.

This calibration is usually performed on-site and close to the application by the operators themselves. Suitable calibration liquids can be provided by PTB as well as by accredited calibration laboratories. Calibration certificates of the accredited calibration laboratories report the traceability to national standards realized by PTB for the representation of units in accordance with the International System of Units (SI).


The following density calibration liquids can be provided by PTB:





in mm²/s

Benchmark for the density in kg/m³

(pressure 1013.25 mbar)

20 °C5 °C20 °C40 °C50 °C70 °C



The density calibration liquids are provided by PTB as samples of 10 ml each in clear glass bottles. On each calibration certificate, the density for the temperature 20 °C and additionally a calculation formula for the change of density in the temperature range from
5 °C to 50 °C (ultrapure water and n-nonane up to 70 °C) is given. These data are valid for a pressure of 1013.25 mbar. The expanded measurement uncertainty of the density data is less than or equal to 0.01 kg/m³ for ultrapure water (expansion factor k = 2).

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