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Properties of Liquids

Working Group 3.32


The core topic of Working Group 3.32 "Properties of Liquids" is the precise determination of the thermophysical quantities of liquids. The focus is on the precise determination of 
Opens internal link in current windowviscosity and Opens internal link in current windowdensity (of [alternative] fuels and energy carriers, among others) and their traceability. In addition, the working group is engaged in the development of Opens internal link in current windowmass spectrometric methods for the chemical analysis of reactive processes as well as the accurate determination of the energy content of (bio-) fuels by bomb calorimetry.

Furthermore, the working group is involved in the preparation of standards in the field of density, viscosity and volume determination as well as for fuel properties and is also active in Opens internal link in current windowvarious committees. In addition, we are active in the context of expert assessments of calibration and testing laboratories for the measurands density, viscosity and volume on behalf of the Opens external link in new windowGerman Accreditation Body (DAkkS).

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Current projects:

Development of mass spectrometric measurement techniques on reactive systems.

Cooperation project WG 3.32 and Opens external link in new windowWG 7.13: Construction of an apparatus for precise measurement of absolute and partial photoionization cross sections


Current externally funded projects:

Opens internal link in current windowDFG-Projekt NFDI4Chem
An initiative to build an open and FAIR infrastructure for research data management in chemistry.

Completed projects can be found Opens internal link in current windowhere

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