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Fuel Gas Analysis

Working group 3.31

How much energy is contained in gas, and what is it composed of?


Our work is focused on the chemical analysis of fuel gases and their combustion products. In addition to the classical natural gases and coal gases, we also investigate the chemical composition of alternative combustible gas mixtures such as bio fuels and hydrogenous energy gases. This allows us to determine physico-chemical gas-mixture properties such as calorific value, density, Wobbe index, molar mass and compression factors. By means of reference gas mixtures (calibration gases) as reference standards, we can disseminate them in such a way that they are traceable. We generally use gas chromatography combined with different detectors as an analytical method.

In addition, we perform conformity assessments of gas analyzers according to the German Verification Act that are used as gas-quality measuring devices, calorific-value determining devices and density gauges within the scope of gas billing.

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Our R&D projects are structured around our Working Group’s profile, with an emphasis on:

  • Traceability and verification of calibration gas mixtures
  • Improvement of evaluation and calibration procedures for gas analyzers

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The services offered by our Working Group serve to support industry and society.

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