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The central task of the department is the metrology-based realization (national standards, traceability to the SI units) of precision measurements for caloric quantities (heat capacity, heat of transition, reaction enthalpy), liquid properties (viscosity, density, surface tension), dynamic concentrations (atoms, molecules, radicals), reaction rates and pressure from 102 to 109 Pa.

The metrology-based research and services are aimed towards the determination of improved reference data for materials (e. g. density of water, properties of pure fluids) and applications for process optimization such as energy conversion (e. g. kinetic parameters of fluid energy carriers). Additionally, the tasks of the department are to develop new and improved standards (e. g. pressure), measurement techniques, calibration methods and materials.

Furthermore, the department provides competent services in precision measurements and conformity assessments for measuring instruments for calorific values, density and pressure according to the Measurements and Verification Act.

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