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The main task of the Biochemistry department is to provide a constant point of reference where accuracy and SI traceability are legally required or important for improving confidence in biochemical measurement results.

We achieve this by developing highly accurate reference measurement procedures and assessing the trueness of results generated via these methods by participating in international key comparisons organised by the consultative committee of amount of substance: metrology in chemistry and biology (CCQM). Working in collaboration with the German reference laboratories these methods are used to assure the traceability of the reference measurements within Germany.

The Department is also responsible for developing and assessing new methods for the accurate quantification of clinically relevant biomarkers. As our understanding of diseases advances, so too does or understanding of the biomarkers used in diagnosis and prognosis. Therefore, research is necessary to provide new approaches for generating SI traceable measurement results for these complex biomarkers.

To celebrate world metrology day (20th May) we have written a short article highlighting the contribution of the Department to assuring metrological traceability in laboratory medicine.



 Also, our Doctoral students have created a set of posters outlining the aims of their research.






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