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 Poster-Preis der BERM 2018
Röthke, A.; Görlitz, V.; Pape, C.; Schulz, U.; Jährling, R.; Richter, S.; Meinhardt, R.; Koenig, M.; Becker, D.; Charoud-Got, J.; Weber, M.; Rienitz, O.: High accuracy ICP OES characterization of an SI traceable chemical reference standard solution of mercury in support of the European Pharmacopoeia”. Der Preis wurde von der Zeitschrift Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry des Springer-Verlages gestiftet.

Inclusion in Metrologia "Highlights of 2017" collection:
Bartl, G. et al.: A new 28Si single crystal: counting the atoms for the new kilogram definition. Metrologia: 54, 5, 693-715 (2017)


CITAC Best Papers Award 2017
Di Luzio, M.; Stopic, A.; D'Agostino, G.; Bennett, J.W.; Mana, G.; Oddone, M.; Pramann, A.: Measurement of the 30Si mole fraction in the new Avogadro silicon material by neutron activation and high-resolution gamma-spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry 89 (12), pp 6726–6730 (2017)


CITAC Best Papers Award 2016
D’Agostino, G.; Bergamaschi, L.; Di Luzio, M.; Noordmann, J.; Oddone, M.; Rienitz, O.: The linkup of mono-elemental solutions to the SI using INAA: a measurement procedure and the achievable uncertainty. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (2016) 309, 2, 777-786


Inclusion in Metrologia "Highlights of 2015" collection:
Pramann, A.; Lee, K.-S.; Noordmann, J.; Rienitz, O.: Probing the homogeneity of the isotopic composition and molar mass of the Avogadro-crystal. Metrologia 52, 800-810 (2015)

Inclusion in Metrologia "Highlights of 2015" collection:
Azuma, Y. et al.: Improved measurement results for the Avogadro constant using a 28Si-enriched crystal. Metrologia 52, 360-375 (2015)

CITAC Best Papers Award 2012
Hauswaldt, A.-L.; Rienitz, O.; Jährling, R.; Fischer, N.; Schiel, D.; Labarraque, G.; Magnusson, B.: Uncertainty of standard addition experiments: a novel approach to include the uncertainty associated with the standard in the model equation. Accreditation and Quality Assurance 17, 129-138 (2012)

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP) Hot Topic Prize 05/2012
Pramann, A.; Rienitz, O.; Schiel, D.; Güttler, B.: Avogadro’s number revisited by high resolution ICP-Mass Spectrometry. Bunsentagung 2012, Universität Leipzig, 17.-19.05.2012 [poster]

CITAC Best Papers Award 2011

Pramann, A.; Rienitz, O.; Schiel, D.; Schlote, J.; Güttler, B.; Valkiers, S.: Molar mass of silicon highly enriched in 28Si determined by IDMS. Metrologia 48, 20-25 (2011)

Seitz, S.; Feistel, D.G.; Wright, D.G.; Weinreben, S.; De Bièvre, P.: Metrological traceability of oceanographic salinity measurement results. Ocean Science 7, 45-62 (2011)

CITAC Best Papers Award 2010
Arsene, C.G.; Henrion, A.; Diekmann, N.; Manolopoulou, J.; Bidlingmaier, M.: Quantification of growth hormone in serum by isotope dilution mass spectrometry. Anal. Biochem. 401, 228-235 (2010)
Outstanding Poster Award 2010
Swart, C.; Rienitz, O.; Schiel, D.: A primary method to ensure traceability in Se speciation analysis. 2010 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry, Fort Myers, Florida, USA, 04.-09.01.2010

CITAC Best Papers Award 2009
Rienitz, O.; Schiel, D.; Güttler, B.; Koch, M.; Borchers, U.: A convenient and economic approach to achieve SI-traceable reference values to be used in drinking-water interlaboratory comparisons. Accreditation and Quality Assurance 12: 615-622 (2007)

VDI Best Paper Award 2008
Rienitz,O.: Messunsicherheit für Standardadditionsverfahren kombiniert mit innerem Standard und gravimetrischer Präparation am Beispiel der Rh-Bestimmung in Automobilkatalysatoren. Tagungsbericht 4. VDI Fachtagung „Messunsicherheit praxisgerecht bestimmen“, VDI Wissensforum, ISBN 978-3-98-12624-1-4 (2008)

Top Papers 2006
in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (JPCM)
Marinova, V.; Mihailova, B.; Malcherek, T.; Paulmann, C.; Lengyel, K.; Kovacs, L.; Veleva, M.; Gospodinov, M.; Güttler, B.; Stosch, R.; Bismayer, U.: Structural, optical and dielectric properties of relaxor-ferroelectric Pb0.78Ba0.22Sc0.5Ta0.5O3. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 18 L385-L393 (2006)