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Selected publications

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Application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to commercial Li-ion cells: a review. Meddings, N.; Heinrich, M.; Overney, F.; Lee, J.-S.; Ruiz, V.; Napolitano, E.; Seitz, S.; Hinds, G.; Raccichini, R.; Gaberšček, M.; Park, J.:  Journal of Power Sources 480 (2020), 228742
Symmetric Potentiometric Cells for the Measurement of Unified pH Values. Heering, A.; Stoica, D.; Camões, F.; Anes, B.; Nagy, D.; Nagyné Szilágyi, Z.; Quendera, R.; Ribeiro, L.; Bastkowski, F.; Born, R.; Nerut, J.; Saame, J.; Lainela, S.; Liv, L.; Uysal, E.; Roziková, M.; Viˇcarová, M.; Snedden, A.; Deleebeeck, L.; Radtke, V.; Krossing, I.; Leito, I.: Symmetry 12 (7), 1150 (2020)
Quality assurance of oceanographic observations: Standards and guidance adopted by an international partnership. Bushnell, M.; Waldmann, C.; Seitz, S.; Buckley, E.; Tamburri, M.; Hermes, J.; Henslop, E.; Lara-Lopez, Ana: Frontiers in Marine Science (2019)
Metrological advances in reference measurement procedures for electrolytic conductivity. Seitz, S.; Tønnes Jakobsen, P.; Máriássy, M.:  Metrologia 56, 3, 1-11 (2019)
Physico-chemical modeling of a Lithium-ion battery: An ageing study with Electrochemical Iimpedance Spectroscopy. Heinrich, M.; Wolff, N.; Harting, N.; Laue, V.; Röder, F.; Seitz, S.; Krewer, U.: Batteries & Supercaps, 2, 530-540 (2019)
Understanding nonlinearity in electrochemical systems. Wolff, N.; Harting, N.; Röder, F.; Heinrich, M.; Krewer, U.: The European Physical Journal, 227, 18, 2617-2640 (2019)
Nonlinear frequency response analysis on lithium-ion batteries: A model based assessment. Wolff, N.; Harting, N.; Heinrich, M.; Röder, F.; Krewer, U.: Electrochimica Acta, Vol. 260, pp. 614-622 (2018)
Metrology for pH Measurements in Brackish Waters - Part 1: Extending Electrochemical pHT Measurements of TRIS Buffers to Salinities 5–20. Müller, J.D.; Bastkowski, F.; Sander, B.; Seitz, S.; Turner, D.R.; Dickson, A.G.; Rehder, G., Frontiers in Marine Science (2018)
The density-salinity relation of standard seawater. Schmidt, H.; Seitz, S.; Hassel, E.; Wolf, H., Ocean Science 14, p.p. 15-40 (2018)
Key Comparison: Electrolytic conductivity at 0.5 S m−1 and 5 mS m−1. Seitz, S.; Sander, B.; Snedden, A.; DeLeeBeeck, L.; Canaza, G.T.; Asakai, T.; Maksimov, I.; Song, X.; Wang, H.; Kozlowski, W.; Dumanska, J.; Jakusovszky, B.; Szilágyi, Z.N.; Gavrilkin, V.; Stennik, O.; Ovchinnikov, Y.; Gonzaga, F.B.; da Cruz Cunha, K.; Ferraz, S.F.;  Hanková, Z.; Máriássy, M.; Vicarova, M.; Vospelova, A.; Ortiz-Aparicio, J.L.; Lara-Manzano, J.V.; Uribe-Godínez, J.; Stoica, D.; Fisicaro, P.; Suvorov, V.I.; Konopelko, L.A.; Smirnov, A.M.; Amaya, R.C.; Quezada, H.T.,  Metrologia 54 (2017), Technical Supplement
Final report of the key comparison APMP.QM-K91: APMP comparison on pH measurement of phthalate buffer. Hioki, A.; Asakai, T., Maksimov, I.; Suzuki, T.; Miura, T.; Ketrin, R.; Thanh, N.H.; Chinh, N.T.; Vospelova, A.; Bastkowski, F.; Sander, B.; Matzke, J.; Prokunin, S.; Frolov, D.; Aprelev, A.; Dobrovolskiy, V.; Uysal, E.; Liv, L.; Lara-Manzano, J.V.; Montero-Ruiz, J.; Ortiz-Aparicio, J.L.; Canaza, G.T.; Mohd Amin, K.A.; Kadir, H.A.; Bakovets, N.; Wong, S.-K.; Lam, W.-H., Metrologia 54 (2017)
Uncertainty of empirical correlation equations. Feistel, R.; Lovell-Smith, J.W.; Saunders, P.; Seitz, S., Metrologia 53, 4, 1079-1090 (2016)
Assessment of H+ in complex aqueous solutions approaching seawater. Camoes, F.; Anes, B.; Martins, H.; Oliveira, C.; Fisicaro, P.; Stoica, P.; Spitzer, P., Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 764, pages 88–92 (2016)
Metrological challenges for measurements of key climatological observables: oceanic salinity and pH, and atmospheric humidity. Part 1: overview. R. Feistel, R. Wielgosz, S. A. Bell, M. F. Camoes, J. R. Cooper, P. Dexter, A. G. Dickson, P. Fisicaro, A. H. Harvey, M. Heinonen, O. Hellmuth, H.-J. Kretzschar, J. W. Lovell-Smith, T. J. McDougall, R. Pawlowicz, P. Ridout, S. Seitz, P. Spitzer, D. Stoica and H. Wolf, Metrologia, vol. 53, pp. R1-R11 (2016)
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EURAMET.QM-S7 Comparison measurement of electrolytic conductivity at pure water level. S. Seitz, Metrologia, vol. 52, Technical Supplement (2015)
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