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Implementation of an evaluation routine for background oriented schlieren measurements in Python
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The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt is offering a
position for a working student (Bachelor’s thesis possible)

in the following subject:

Implementation of an evaluation routine for background oriented schlieren
measurements in Python



The working group “Renewable Energy Carriers and Storage” investigates the ignition of burnable gas/air mixtures by low-energy electrical discharges. Such discharges (“sparks”) are frequent ignition sources and may often be the cause of industrial accidents. The rise in temperature due to a discharge is the focus of this thesis topic. The temperature is determined via background oriented schlieren (BOS). In this method, changes of the refractive index in the hot gas are evaluated and the temperature is determined. The main challenge is the evaluation of the experimental data by numerical methods. In this work, the existing and working MATLAB code shall be transferred to Python.


The project will comprise these tasks:

  • Understanding the existing code and its intended use
  • Re-structuring the routine
  • Implementing the program in Python
  • Validating the program with experimental and synthetic data
  • Development of a basic user interface for the evaluation routine



Job Requirements

Students interested in this topic should meet the following requirements:

  • Course of studies: computational mathematics, computational physics or similar
  • Advanced skills in python programming
  • Fundamental understanding of gas dynamics, thermodynamics is helpful
  • Strong team player with excellent communication skills

Place of employment
Organisational unit
Abt. 3 "Chemische Physik und Explosionsschutz"
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Contact details:

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Stefan Essmann
3.55 Renewable Energy Carriers and Storage
e-mail: stefan.essmann(at)ptb.de
phone: +49 531 592-3550