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Electrical Quantum Metrology

Department 2.6


The working groups of department "Electrical Quantum Metrology" are tracing the basic units of electricity to fundamental constants of nature by using macrosopic quantum effects. Such traceability is independent from artifacts, and will be the basis of the revision of the  international system of units planned for the year 2018. For electrical units, the traceability to constants is common practice already since 1990, because the achievable measurement uncertainty and reproducibility are much better than in the still valid international system SI.


Most of the activities in department 2.6 are done in cooperation with external partners in the frame of European or nationally funded projects. They aim to continuously develop and simplify the complex setups required for the realization of quantum based units. Primarily this supports the more service and customer oriented departments of PTB, e. g. department 2.1. In addition the use of quantum standards outside national metrology institutes will be facilitated by these activities, thus moving the precise measurement of electrical quantities closer to the needs of the customers.

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