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Opportunities for students

Department 2.5

The Department “Semiconductor Physis and Magnetismus” regularly offers students the opportunity to perform diploma work or to carry out advanced projects in the frame of the curricula of the Technical University of Braunschweig and the University of Hannover. The table below lists the research fields and contact persons. If you are interested in carrying out a project in one of these fields, please get in touch with the contact person.

Research field Contact person Phone Email
Semiconductor nanopatterning Dr. Hans Werner Schumacher +49 531
592 2500
Transport in semiconductor structures Dr. Frank Hohls +49 531 592 2530 Frank.Hohls(at)ptb.de
Femtosecond measurement techniques Dr. Heiko Füser +49 531 592 2540 Heiko.Fueser(at)ptb.de
Nanomagnetism Dr. Sibylle Sievers +49 531 592 1414 Sibylle.Sievers(at)ptb.de
Magnetic measurements Dr. Franziska Weickert +49 531 592 2510 Franziska.Weickert(at)ptb.de