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Electron microscope image of a magnetic nano wire with electric contacts


Working Group 2.52


The Working Group Nanomagnetism does research and development for precise measurements of nanomagnetic quantities. The main fields of work in this context are measurements of magnetization dynamics, local stray field measurements, as well as measurements of magneto thermo electric properties of magnetic nanostructures.



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Magnetic imaging

In the field of magnetic imaging we focus on the characterization of nano patterned magnetic structures by magnetic force microscope (MFM) supported by measurements based on SQUID susceptometry, magnetotransport and magneto optics. Our priorities are (i) the development of quantitative measurements for nano-scale field measurements and (ii) the use of MFM for the characterization of magnetic nanostructures and nano devices.

Opens external link in new windowQuantum calibrated magnetic force microscopy 12/2021

We report the quantum calibration of a magnetic force microscope (MFM) by measuring the two-dimensional magnetic stray-field distribution of the MFM tip using a single nitrogen vacancy (NV) center in diamond


Opens external link in new windowThermometer for nanocircuits 1/2018

Magnetic tunnel junctions enable absolute, time-resolved temperature measurements of nanocircuits

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