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Arrangement of Braunbek coils for compensation of the three components of the Earth's magnetic field

Magnetic Measurements

Working Group 2.51


Magnetic Measurements

The Working Group realizes the unit Tesla of magnetic flux density and offers various calibration services to customers worldwide to disseminate magnetic quantities that are traceable to primary standards. The calibration services include magnetic field quantities and magnetic material parameters. The measuring technologies are continually optimized and further developed.

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Measurements on magnetic materials

Calibration of magnetic characteristics of magnetic materials:

Calibration of single electrical sheet steel according to IEC 60404, part 2, 3 and 6

Calibration of susceptibility

Calibration of coercive force

The measuring capabilities for magnetic quantities offered at PTB are listed at the BIPM's (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures) "Calibration and Measurement Capabilities" database (CMC).
Click here for the calibration and measurement capabilities (only in german) (PDF document on p. 2/5 contains the link in section 10.2).

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Special tests on request

Measurements of field profiles on the coil's axis
Tests of the magnetic moment of air cargo packages according to IATA and ICAO
Stray field measurements on inductive power transmission devices
Permanent reference magnets
Thin magnetic films, i.e. hysteresis and coercivity

Remarks on calibrations and tests

Please contact us before ordering a test or request for calibration. Coordinated processing of the order requires a specific scheduling.

Moreover, specifics on your test objects are required, such as mechanical dimensions. When ordering tests on Epstein samples and sheets the dimensions and tolerances as defined in IEC 60404 - part 2 and 3 should be strictly maintained.

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