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Quantum Electronics

Department 2.4


Department 2.4 develops electronic components and circuits for electric standards which allow voltage and current to be precisely determined on the basis of quantum mechanical effects. By means of such Opens internal link in current windowquantum standards, physical quantities can be reproduced without influences being exerted by local and environmental conditions because of the relation to fundamental constants. The quantum circuits provided by Department 2.4 manipulate extremely small elementary quanta of the magnetic flux and the electric charge, making use of macroscopic quantum effects like superconductivity, Opens internal link in current windowJosephson effect and, increasingly, the quantum behaviour of collective electic variables. For the fabrication of the quantum circuits, the Department is operating the Clean Room Centre of PTB together with the Opens internal link in current windowthin film and the Opens internal link in current windowlithographic equipment needed for the production of highly integrated normal conducting and superconducting metallic circuits with linewidths down to 10 nm. Moreover, the equipment is used for basic metrological research in the framework of national and international co-operation.

The Department "Quantum Electronics" is participating in a number of national and international research projects. It manages the Executive Office of the non-profit society "FLUXONICS - The European Foundry of Superconducting Electronics e. V.". It is the purpose of the Society to create throughout Europe an infrastructure for research and development and to promote the manufacture of superconductive electronics. With FLUXONICS e. V. an instrument has been made available to assure the fabrication of integrated superconducting circuits on a long-term basis in a foundry agreed with the European partners and to initiate and effectively implement innovative technological developments in Europe.

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