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Grid Integration, Renewable Energies and Storage

Working Group 2.35


The working group does research in the fields of electrical network integration. In the working group, the researchers are working on metrological issues at the interface between the public supply network, area networks and the prosumers, including storage technology. This field of research has become an independent field of research with the development of renewable energies through the increasing use of decentralized generating facilities. This field of research will become more important in the future. The scientists cooperate with partners on a national and international basis.

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The working group works on the metrology of measurement categories which are important for the grid integration. Among other things, it examines the grid reactions in the decentralized energy supply and their effects on components of the power distribution and the connected consumer devices. For this purpose, the working group is developing different measuring devices and test sources in order to be able to carry out a verification of these and other measuring devices. Furthermore, the working group contributes to the development of power measurement technology in the frequency range up to 150 kHz and carries out comparative measurements.

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