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Measuring Assemblies and Systems for Electrical Energy

Working Group 2.34


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In the field of electric energy metering devices for invoicing purposes – electricity meters,auxiliary devices , as well as instrument transformers - the Working Group 2.34 assists manufacturers, users, and supervising authorities.

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The Working Group development of new solutions for legal metrology in order to assist manufacturers, users, and supervising authorities.

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The Working Group 2.34 offers following services in the field of electric energy measuring technology:

  • Conformity assessment and metrological tests on electricity meters, auxiliary devices and instrument transformers
  • Evaluation of quality assurance procedures in the fied of metrology,
  • Practical implementation of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and national legal regulations
  • Participation in national and international committees and working groups of legal metrology
  • Calibration and measurement capabilities of the division 2
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