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Time-Synchronized Measurement Systems and Sensors

Working Group 2.32


In this working group high voltage measuring and generating systems are calibrated, researched and constructed. These include high DC, AC and impulse voltages up into the megavolt range, impulse currents, partial discharge calibrators, capacitances and loss factor measurements. Furthermore, calibrations, certifications and examinations in the fields of high DC currents, electric field strength and electric pulse devices were performed.

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The working group High-voltage Metrology conducts research at national and international levels. This includes both the high voltage metrology and its applications in the field of electrical installations and protection devices.

  • Fundamental research in the field of Ultra High Voltage at very high DC, AC and especially impulse voltages operates in numerous projects. Specifically, the determination of the non-linearity is in the focus of this research.
  • As part of a PhD thesis work a research on conducted electrical weapons and gas spraying devices is started in 2016. This includes both the metrological and legal perspective. Results of this research will be incorporated as recommendations into legislation.
  • The construction of new generating and measuring equipment is undertaken under PhD theses and student works. These include new control and automation methods for measuring devices as well as new methods of measurement techniques for high voltages and currents.

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The service area of the the working group 2.32 includes tests and calibrations of high voltage measuring systems. Further, the backup of the state-approved test centers for electricity and of the accredited calibration laboratories of the Germany’s national Accreditation Body (DAkkS) is within the scope of the working group.


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