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Measurement Quantities in Digital Communication Systems

Working Group 2.25


Complex modulation techniques, intelligent antenna systems, and the efficient usage of the available frequency bands are needed to enable the steadily increasing data rates. Measurements traceable to the SI units, as established for base quantities such as RF power, are much more difficult to achieve for the measurement quantities of digital high-frequency communication systems. An exemplary quantity is the error vector magnitude (EVM) which is one of the key parameters for the transmission quality between transmitter and receiver of digital communications and thus critical for the achievable data rates.

Channel sounding techniques can be used for optimized design and operation of communication systems with high performance. This is especially important for millimeter wave communication systems, where high path loss and scattering at reflective objects lead to complex and rapidly changing multi-path scenarios. This channel must be considered for reliable and efficient use of the available spectrum.

The working group has the task of realizing traceable measurements of the high-frequency characteristics in digital communication systems. The main goal is the development of suitable measurement techniques and the establishment of calibration services, which are demanded for the increasing requirements of quality management.

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