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Calibration of Pulsed Measurement Quantities

Calibration of EMC test generators

EMC test laboratories are obliged to maintain a quality management system. DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 requires the traceability of test equipment as well as the statements for uncertainty of measurement and/or the confidence of conformity statements.

For the evaluation of the emission level, the exact calibration of the EMI receiver is required including its quasi peak detector. A pulse generator in accordance with CISPR 16 is usually used for this task. Beside to the DAkkS calibration laboratories, PTB also offers traceability of these calibration standards as a service.

WG 2.21 also calibrates EMC pulse generators in accordance to EN 61000-4-x for simulation of electrostatic discharges (ESD), fast transients (Burst) and high-energy high voltage pulses (Surge).

Customers are kindly asked to use the service of DAkkS accredited calibration laboratories.

Fig.: Calibration of spectral voltage amplitude density for a CISPR pulse generator.

Rise time calibration of oscilloscopes and pulse generators with electrical sub-nanosecond pulses

Devices for generation and measurement of fast electrical pulses are to be encountered in nearly every field of industry today. DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 requires the calibration of these many different measuring devices. This is task of the DAkkS accredited calibration laboratories. The traceability of the reference standards of the DAkkS laboratories is task of PTB.

Oscilloscopes with a bandwidth of 50 GHz or more represent the top in the calibration hierarchy. The traceability of these devices to the national standards is no more possible with traditional methods. For such calibrations, please contact the team of working group 2.54 "Femtosecond Measurement Techniques".

The working group 2.21 offers akkredited laboratories calibration of the rise time of their electric pulse standards. The measurement parameters for generators with external trigger possibility are given in the following table:


Measurement conditions

Measurement uncertainty


rise time


repetition rate

k = 2

Pulse generator

6 ps ≤ tr ≤ 1000 ps

100 mV ≤ U ≤ 1 V

f > 100 Hz

1,8 ps


6 ps ≤ tr ≤ 1000 ps

100 mV ≤ U ≤ 1 V

f > 100 Hz

2,0 ps

The calibration of impulses with amplitudes larger than 1 V is also possible via additional attenuators by a correspondingly higher measurement uncertainty.


Opens external link in new windowCalibration and Measurement Capabilities of EMC test generators
(PDF; at the appendix (Anhang); Kapitel 10 Elektrische und magnetische Felder)


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