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Open Area Test Site

For antenna calibration in the frequency range between 30 MHz and 3 GHz, PTB has built Europe’s largest open area test site with dimensions of 50 m x 60 m. Its unique property is an obstacle-free environment within a distance of 100 m. on the open area test site, two antenna masts with 6 m height are available. Antenna calibration is performed by measuring the scattering parameters between the antennas from a remote measurement bunker below the ground level which is connected to the contact points on the open area test site.

In addition, a 20 m x 20 m large mobile ground plane based on conductive cloth can be used to expand the groundplane if necessary. Using the open area test site for emission measurements of large objects is possible as well.

Calibration services are in preparation. At this point, the open area test site is available for fees according to the PTB-Kostenverordnung für Nutzleistungen (PTB expenses directive for customer service).

Open Area Test Site at PTB

Fig.: Open Area Test Site at PTB.


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