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Antenna Scanner

For the calibration of antennas in the frequency range from 1 GHz to 325 GHz, PTB has built an antenna scanner for the determination of spherical antenna diagrams. The scanner allows for the rotation of an antenna under test with a mass up to 10 kg and dimensions up to 1 m with two axes. In addition, the measurement antenna can be rotated to measure different polarizations and the distance between antenna under test and measurement antenna can be adjusted between 0 m and 3 m. The measurements are performed with a network analyzer up to 50 GHz in the 2.4 mm coaxial system and above that with frequency extensions, that can be mounted and rotated. The positioning accuracy is sufficient to measure in the near-field and to determine the antenna diagram based on a nearfield-farfield transformation.

Calibration services are in preparation.

Antenna scanner

Fig.: Antenna scanner at PTB.