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Direct Current and Low Frequency

Department 2.1


Development of precision measuring methods and standards for the realisation of the scales of the quantities

  • Capacitance Inductance, Resistance and Conductivity

  • AC-DC Voltage Transfer

  • AC-DC Current Transfer

Development of precision measuring methods by using inductive voltage dividers and the digital sampling techniques for the realisation of the units and for the calibration of measuring instruments and standards for eletrical quantities like

  • AC Power, Phase, Impedance, Loss Factor, Inductive Voltage Divider

and non-electrical quantities like

  • AC Temperature Bridges,

  • Bridge Standards for use in strain gauge measurements


  • Calibration of standards of the german industry and the German Calibration Service (DKD)
  • Advisory service and assessment in the German Calibration Service (DKD)

  • National and international comparisons

  • Management of the QM-system of Division 2



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