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PTB Department “High Frequency and Electromagnetic Fields” at the Hanover Fair 2022


As part of the project “5G Reallabor Braunschweig-Wolfsburg” (5G Real Laboratory), industry and science are researching use cases of 5G technology in the region. The new 5G mobile communications standard is considered the key technology of the future. With its real-time capability, data transmission assurance and increased bandwidth, 5G is taking on an important role in technology succession. PTB as a project partner presented its progress in the traceability of measurement methods in the field of "passive intermodulation" at this year's Hanover Fair.


Funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) with an investment volume of 12 million euros, the project “5G Reallabor Braunschweig-Wolfsburg”, coordinated by DLR, started in 2019 in the context of the federal government's 5x5G strategy. The project pursues possible applications of 5G as a key technology in the environment of a so-called “Smart Region”, i.e., in a regional network of different local authorities that includes digitalised areas from municipalities, the economy and civil society.


Figure: Booth of the "5G Reallabor Braunschweig-Wolfsburg" at the Hanover Fair 2022.


At the Hanover Fair, in addition to a presentation by the project coordinator Robert Kaul (DLR) the consortium participated with an exhibition stand from 30 May to 2 June 2022. Selected use cases and cross-sectional activities such as the rescue drone, the “digital construction site” and traceable measurements of quantities in the field of “passive intermodulation” (PIM) for the 5G technology were presented. PIM refers to an interference quantity in radio frequency measurement technology that is becoming increasingly relevant due to the use of new frequency ranges and the increased receiver sensitivity in 5G technology. The localisation and avoidance of corresponding interference sources is essential, in particular, for the reliable functioning of mobile networks.


As a cross-sectional activity of the technology assessment, PTB is developing the traceability of highly accurate PIM measurements to SI units in a sub-project. This will enable, on the one hand, a further reduction of the measurement uncertainty and, on the other hand, a comparability of the measurements and methods. In addition to measurements under laboratory conditions, more practical field investigations were also carried out within the framework of project cooperation, such as PIM measurements on cell phone base stations in the region.


The project “5G-Reallabor Braunschweig-Wolfsburg” has significantly promoted the networking of partners from science and industry through successful cooperation in the relevant areas, and further cooperation is being sought by the consortium.



Contact person:

Friederike Stein

Department 2.2 „High Frequency and Electromagnetic Fields“