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European Metrology Network “Quantum Technologies” started


The first General Meeting of the European Metrology Network on Quantum Technologies (EMN-Q) was held on 15 October 2019 in Berlin. Main targets of the network, in which PTB is involved in operational and executive functions, is the coordination of metrological activities in quantum technology and their strategic development in Europe, oriented to the needs of relevant stakeholder groups.


Quantum technologies enable a variety of new technological applications and are key to many future-oriented developments, including metrological fields. The new EURAMET-initiated European Metrology Network on Quantum Technologies, EMN-Q, is coordinated by INRiM, Italy's metrological state institute, and is organized in three sections, "Quantum Clocks and Atomic Sensors," "Quantum Electronics," and "Quantum Photonics." It brings together European metrology institutes for the active coordination of metrological research and development in the cross-sectional areas of core metrology, sensor technology, communication and computer science. The involvement of relevant stakeholders from academic, industrial and institutional sectors will aim to achieve a concerted strategic focus and promote cooperation and knowledge-sharing in the related fields, in order to ensure the competitiveness of Europe in the fields of quantum technologies.
PTB actively participates in the operational work in all three sections of EMN-Q and also provides a Vice Chair, who also acts as coordinator of the section "Quantum Electronics".

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 Logo of European Metrology Network “Quantum Technologies” (EMN-Q)

Picture 1: Logo of European Metrology Network “Quantum Technologies” (EMN-Q).