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Component catalogue "Frame Construction" of DIN 4109 "Sound insulation in buildings" revised


Within the scope of European harmonization, standard DIN 4109 "Sound insulation in buildings" is at present being fundamentally revised. This standard contains a "Component Catalogue" which was provided by the supreme construction control board and indicates, for all common constructions and components, sound insulation values which may be used without individual testing to furnish proof of sufficient sound protection.

For frame construction (metal supports covered with gypsum plates), the values from the current DIN 4109 must be checked due to recent technical developments and, possibly, amended. For that reason, the lateral sound insulation of metal stud walls and of solid walls with shells was measured by spot checks within the scope of a research project. In addition, the gypsum industry provided test reports about the lateral sound insulation of gypsum cardboards, whose usability for a revised component catalogue has been checked. Furthermore, the lateral insulations measured on solid walls with shells were compared with calculation results which had been obtained with the current proposal for a calculation method in accordance with E DIN 4109. The project was successfully completed with the proposal to revise the corresponding parts of DIN 4109. This proposal was forwarded to the competent bodies.

The measurements were carried out by Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Stuttgart. The project was partly financed by the public authorities (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) and partly by industry (Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie und Industriegruppe Gips). The project was coordinated by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, as this guaranteed an assessment of the measurement results independent of interests, in which the occurring uncertainties were correctly taken into account.


[1] Bietz, H.; Wittstock, V.; Scholl, W.; Krämer, G.; Bohnsack, S.; Weber, L.:  Update of German standard DIN 4109 with respect to lightweight frame constructions. Proceedings of AIA-DAGA 2013 on CD-ROM, Merano, Italy, March 2013

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Heinrich Bietz, Dept. 1.7, WG 1.72, heinrich.bietz@ptb.de