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Rudolf-Martin-Ehrenurkunde awarded to Dr. Thomas Fedtke


The Rudolf-Martin-Ehrenurkunde is awarded annually by the DIN/VDI Standards Committee Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering (NALS) for special achievements in standardisation. It is dedicated to the former Head of the Mechanics and Acoustics Division at PTB and Founding Chair of NALS Prof. Rudolf Martin. This year it returns to PTB in a way when it was awarded to Dr. Thomas Fedtke, the head of PTB's working group "Sound in air".

The Rudolf-Martin-Ehrenurkunde was awarded to Dr. Fedtke at the opening ceremony of the 48th Annual Conference on Acoustics DAGA 2022 in Stuttgart by the chair of the NALS, Hon.-Prof.  Dr. Volker Wittstock. Unfortunately, Mr. Fedtke could not be present in person.

In his laudatory speech, Prof. Wittstock recognised the work and the achievements of Dr. Fedtke. Since 2005, he is the head of the PTB working group "Sound in air" which is responsible for the realisation and dissemination of the unit of sound pressure (Pa), the traceability of microphones, sound calibrators, ear simulators and mechanical couplers to national standards, the assessment of accredited calibration laboratories in the field of "acoustic quantities", the determination of the characteristics of the human ear and normal hearing thresholds and research and development for audiological measurement methods.

For many years, Dr. Fedtke has accompanied these topics as a member of numerous standardisation committees. He is German delegate to IEC/TC 29 "Electroacoustics" and convenor of the international working groups "Head and ear simulators" and "Threshold of hearing". In these positions, he contributes significantly to ensuring that the standardised equal loudness level contours as well as the standardised procedures for audiometer calibration are always adapted to the current state of research. Dr. Fedtke's outstanding contributions to the standardisation of electro- and psychoacoustics as well as audiometry are now honored by the NALS with the award of this year's Rudolf-Martin-Ehrenurkunde.



Figure 1: Dr. Fedtke (right) and Hon.-Prof. Dr. Wittstock (left) with the Rudolf-Martin-Ehrenurkunde



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