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EMPIR project MetroWaMet completed with great success


Like everywhere else, time does not stand still for water meters. The requirements change, be it due to technological progress or changes in drinking water consumption. The question is whether measurement accuracy is still given under the changed conditions. Metrological infrastructure and procedures to address this question were discussed at a workshop organized by the EMPIR-project MetroWaMet.

The successful EMPIR project 17IND13 "Metrology for real-world domestic water metering" (MetroWaMet) was concluded with a very well attended dissemination workshop. The great resonance of the event is reflected in the almost 70 participants, who formed a colourful mix with representatives of metrology institutes, water meter manufacturers and regulatory authorities. The participants spanned half the globe from Brazil to Europe, the Middle East and Korea. At the workshop, key metrological developments and lessons learned from MetroWaMet were presented. These include infrastructure and procedures that make it possible to evaluate the measurement behaviour of water meters for realistic loads and water qualities. Likewise, the work on the measurement behaviour of domestic water meters at small flows, as they occur during leakages, as well as an algorithm for the detection of leakages were presented. Furthermore, there was an outlook on the future of normative activities in the field of water meters. The presentations of the workshop are available at Opens external link in new windowMetroWaMet Workshop.





[1] Project page of MetroWaMet Opens external link in new windowLink


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